Prophecine is born of prolific songwriting and is now gathering pace as a band is put together for live gigs around the U.K. in 2018.

The double album "Prophecine" is being released in two parts. "Prophecine 1" is now on release and available on the songs page of this website. "Prophecine 2" will be released in 2018.
"Prophecine" contains a rock & orchestral score with varied and different sounding songs laid out across two albums. The first, "Prophecine 1" is available for download on the "songs" page. All of the songs on both albums and contained in this website were written, recorded and produced by Prophecine.

Equipment List:
Gordon Smith Electric Guitars (
Fender Acoustic Guitars (
Fender Bass Guitars (
Reason Software (
Vox Amplification (
AKG Microphones (
Boss BR-1180 Digital Recording Studio (


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